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Ahad, 7 September 2014

Perbezaan 2011 dan 2014

                                           2011                                                     2014

Tahun berganti tahun, status pun sudah bertukar...dari single dan kini isteri orang, walaupun baju sama, tapi berat dah lain....dulu kurus sekarang dah bambam,,,dulu contact lens nudy grey  rm30, sekarang glam grey lofalens...dulu cergas, fit dan bertenaga,...sekarang cepat semput.... dulu pakai wedges, pakai heels,....sekarang pakai kasut flat je,...dulu eyeshadow warna2 kat kelopak mata...kini cukup sekadar eyeliner...dulu berat 58..sekarang dah nak cecah angka 70....dulu xreti pandu kereta, sekarang dah ade lesen... dulu lari pecut 100m itu biasa, sekarang lari dalam guni pun berhenti rehat banyak kali...dulu karaoke bilik kecik 1 lagu rm1, sekarang karaoke 1jam sekain2...dulu dulu..dulu...dan kini kini kini....semuanya berbeza..ada yang positif, ade yang negatif...walaupun teringin sangat nak dapatkan balik berat badan macam dulu, klau malas berusaha, sia2 juga....ape2 pun sue syukur dengan apa adanya...insyaallah, merubah diri ke arah yang lebih baik...aminn..

Khamis, 24 Julai 2014

Missed Miscarriage : Kami Redha...

A missed or silent miscarriage can happen to anyone. 

After conception, a fertilised egg (ovum) implants in your uterus (womb), but, sadly, something goes wrong and the pregnancy fails. It might be that the baby doesn't develop at all and the pregnancy sac is empty, called a blighted ovum, or the baby might have begun to develop, but then failed to progress. 

It's called a missed miscarriage, because you don't realise anything has gone wrong. It is sometimes called a missed abortion, though it doesn’t mean the same as a termination of pregnancy. You may not have had any of the usual signs of miscarriage, such as pain or bleeding. Your body may still be giving you signals that you are pregnant, although if your hormone levels are falling, those signs may lessen slightly. Your breasts may feel less tender, for example. 

Often, the first time you are aware anything is wrong is when you have your first ultrasound scan and are told either that the pregnancy sac is empty, or that the embryo has no heartbeat. The news will come as a great shock. It can be hard to understand or accept, and you will need time to come to terms with it. Rest assured that most women go on to have successful pregnancies after a missed miscarriage. 

How does a missed miscarriage happen? 

It usually happens because something went wrong in early pregnancy with the way the baby was developing. It may be that the baby had the wrong number of chromosomes. At the moment of conception, when the sperm meets the egg, 23 chromosomes from each parent should meet to make 46 in total. 

Sometimes mistakes happen and the baby has too many or too few chromosomes, or a piece of a chromosome is missing or duplicated. This means the genetic material carried on the chromosomes is wrong, and so the baby develops abnormally. 

In a missed miscarriage, either the embryo doesn't develop or it doesn’t get very far, and the heartbeat stops when it measures only a few millimeters. Very occasionally, it happens later, perhaps at eight or 10 weeks, or even further on. 

In later pregnancy, missed miscarriages may be due to an infection such as parvovirus orrubella. If this is suspected, you will be offered a blood test called Torch (short for toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex) to look for infections. 

If during your ultrasound the person performing the scan (sonographer) thinks you may have suffered a missed miscarriage, a second sonographer will usually be asked to confirm the findings. 

What will happen after the diagnosis? 

You may decide to let nature take its course, as you will miscarry eventually. Or you may decide to have a minor operation called an ERPC (evacuation of retained products of conception). This is carried out under a general anaesthetic, normally as a day procedure. You may need some time to think about this, and you don't have to decide immediately. 

You may also be offered a drug such as misoprostol that will help your body pass the pregnancy tissue without the need for an operation. You will be given the medication in the hospital and go home to wait. You will have some pain and usually heavy bleeding as your body passes the tissue. 

If you've had a miscarriage, you will naturally be very anxious that it could happen again. Most women go on to have a successful pregnancy the next time, and your doctor may recommend an early scan to reassure you. Once a heartbeat has been seen, your pregnancy is said to be viable, and your chance of a successful outcome is much better.

But remember, wait until you are more than six weeks pregnant, or better still, more than seven or eight weeks pregnant, if you want to avoid the uncertainty that very early scans can bring. 

20 JULAI 2014 - 23 JULAI 2014

terima kasih kpd semua yg mendoakan...sue redha dengan semua ni....
selamatt hari raya maaf zahir dan batin..

p/s : INSAALLAH, akan sue ceritakan semuanya nanti.... ttahniah buat mne2 shabat n wania yg disahkn mengandung,..sue gembira utk kalian... :')

Suami Isteri


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