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Jumaat, 22 April 2011

PRINCESS DISNEY mana pilihan anda?

kebiasaannya kanak2 yang suka kartun ni....tapi kan...ade juga orang dewasa yang suka....dan salah sorangnye ialah tuan punye blog ni..hehe
korang suke kartun disney x? sue suka ...hehe..
jom kite kenal nak? pastu korang vote..mane satu yang korang suke...hehe


Although soft-spoken, Cinderella has a sense of humor, which she hides from her Stepmother and jealous Stepsisters. Finding delight in her tiny animal friends, Cinderella has true dignity. Despite moments of heartbreak and disappointment, Cinderella holds onto her hopes until goodness is rewarded and her dreams do come true.

Sleeping Beauty

Raised by fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, Aurora is a gentle and loving girl. But when she meets Prince Phillip in the woods, she ignores the fairies' warnings about strangers. Soon, upon learning the truth of her birth, her life is plunged into turmoil. By the time Sleeping Beauty is awakened by the Prince, she has been transformed into a mature young woman ready to become a bride.

Snow White
Snow White is a beautiful young Princess who, in her efforts to escape the Evil Queen, befriends the Seven Dwarfs. Her gentle ways and trust allow the Evil Queen to trick her. But her pure, lovable nature also wins her the friendship and protection of the forest animals, the Seven Dwarfs, and - of course - the handsome prince.

When Tiana first wishes upon the Evening Star, her father tells her to wish and dream with all her heart, but to remember that bright star can only take her part of the way. After meeting Prince Naveen, her life takes many unexpected twists. Still, with the help of new friends Ray, Louis, and Mama Odie, Tiana's dreams come true.


Belle loves books because they take her on adventures where she dreams of excitement and romance. She thinks the Beast is horrible for imprisoning her father. Courageously, she convinces the Beast to let her trade places with her father. There, she finds kindness beneath the Beast's gruff exterior, and she brings life back to the castle by falling in love with him.

Jasmine doesn't want much - just to marry for love and to experience life outside the palace. An independent young woman, she's ready for adventure and takes matters into her own hands, rejecting unsuitable suitors and sneaking off into the marketplace alone. When she meets Prince Ali, she finds the freedom she has longed for.

Although Mulan is as lovely as a blossom, she can't seem to behave like the gentle daughter she is supposed to be. In fact, she's quite a tomboy, whose spirit leads her into situations that defy the traditions of her society. She loves her family, but her behavior risks bringing dishonor to the family.


Ariel, the Little Mermaid, longs for adventure and romance...and to visit the human world. The mischievous princess of the undersea world risks everything to visit the human world...and perhaps find true love. By the time Ariel's wish to be human is finally granted, she realizes that there is something to be gained from a father's wisdom.


The beautiful daughter of Chief Powhatan is a free-spirited young woman who knows every tree, waterfall, and wild creature in her forest home. With a name that means "Little Mischief," Pocahontas loves adventure. Her curiosity and independence make her a strong girl whose passionate spirit touches all who know her.

so, korang suke yang mane? sue suke Belle..hehe

p/s: nantikan prince lak...

~cam  bebudak lak sue ni~

12 ulasan:

athirahmazlan berkata...

beta pilih MULAN!*jgn dipertikaikan knp..haha

Suraya berkata... pilih belle.. :P

Azlan Hasan berkata...

now n forever snow white!!hehehe


dina darwina berkata...

of course i choose cinderella..

Suraya berkata...

heeee..seri lagi skrg..

nuruashia berkata...

belle..!! <3

beeha ben berkata...


Khuzrin Kamarudin berkata...

Errrr... Putih ada tak? hehheee...

Siapa putih? alaaa... yang dulu erra fazira punya suara.. yang m nasir ada jadi latar suara sekali tu...

cik EPAL berkata...

suka cinderella hehe

Isteri @ Ibu Cute berkata...

Akak suka Cinderella...Dalam bilik anak Akak banyak gambar2 cam tu....Anak akak yg sulong tu suka saaaaangat dengan kartun tu..lagi2 cerita Barbie...hehehe

Suraya berkata...

setakat ni,
mulan : 1 undi
belle: 2 undi
snow white: 1 undi
cinderella: 4 undi...

hehhe..rmai suke cinderellah ye...

Suraya berkata...

isteri@ ibu cute: ye ke kak? best nyer.....tetibe ase nk jd anak akak..hehehe


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