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“ Selamat Datang..Sila Tinggal Link Kat Komen, Nanti Sue Balas Kunjungan”

Isnin, 18 Julai 2011

suraya dah ada jenama kosmetik sendiri: SURAYA FOUNDATION!

salam semua....tadi kan..sue ade jumpa sesuatu..."suraya foundation" sue ingatkan nama sue ni ade syarikat kosmetik sendiri..tapi rupa-rupaya, ianya bukanlah foundation bedak asas, tetapi..............

so,suraya foundation ni ape?
ha..tengok ni...

"Suraya Foundation is a non-profit road safety organization originally based in Dubai . We have partnered with educators, the media, the creative community and families who have been affected by tragic accidents to help spread the awareness of safe driving and educating the community on how safe driving can save lives.

The founder, Mohd Shahnawaz, knows first hand what it is like to lose a loved one due to a reckless driving accident. His younger sister Suraya (read her story) was killed in a hit and run accident in March 2009. In honor of her memory, he has made it his goal to spread awareness on the dangers of reckless driving.

By spreading emotionally compelling messages through awareness campaigns and mass media, the Suraya Foundation is hoping to change the attitudes of unsafe drivers and get them to adopt safer driving principles. Thus, our motto is: "Safe Driving, Saves Lives"

hahahhahhaa..langsung xde kena mengena ngan kosmetik okeyy!!
tp kan...bagus gak..ade moral dia kan...hati2 tau memandu...
sedih pn ade citer dia....

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